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with a kiss on the cheak you slit my wrist

the blood flows from my wound as i scream

25 October
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  • ThisIsACarbomb
yea i'm the singer of a band called Remember Sammy Jankis ugh yeah come check us out,click the link above.i'm 18 and single.so hit me up some time niggas.
13 second massacre, 30 called arson, 7 angels 7 plagues, a christmas story, a fire for tomorrow, a life once lost, a static lullaby, across 5 aprils, afore notation, all-american rejects, army of darkness, as cities burn, as i lay dying, as the sun sets, ashes fall, ashlee simpson, at the drive in, at the gates, atreyu, back to the future, beloved, bjork, black dahlia murder, black my heart, black tie tragdey, bleeding through, blindside, bloodlined calligraphy, bruce campbell, btbam, bury your dead, cannibal corpse, coheed and cambria, coldplay, cool hand luke, copeland, daughters, dead poetic, edward scissorhands, eighteen visions, emery, evelynn, evergreen terrace, every time i die, explosions in the sky, family guy, forever is forgotten, further seems forever, futurama, god, hardcore, haste the day, hopesfall, horror movies, hxc, ion dissonance, jesus, killswitch engage, kisses, living sacrifice, mae, mars volta, mewithoutyou, misery signals, miss lonely hearts, monty python, mortal treason, most precious blood, mothra, music, my children my bride, n64, nodes of ranvier, norma jean, on broken wings, owen, piercings, pig destroyer, poision the well, portside drive, premonitions of war, red winter dying, remember sammy jankis, remembering never, reno 911!, rock for life, saves the day, scarlet, scene girls, screaming, seventh star, shai hulud, sigur ros, sinai beach, since the flood, singing in the shower, smoothies, society's finest, space ghost, spitfire, super troopers, symphony in peril, tattoos, the agony scene, the bled, the blood brothers, the chariot, the cure, the dillinger escape plan, the evil dead, the goonies, the hills have eyes, the holy grail, the labrinth, the matrix, the postman syndrome, the prowler, the red chord, the shma, the texas chainsaw massacre, thirty called arson, this runs through, thisdaywillburn, throwdown, thursday, to die with honor, tony danza tapdance extravaganza, u2, under bleeding stars, underoath, unearth, vis-a-vis, waters run red, weezer, winter solstice, with blood comes beauty, with honor, zao, zelda