The Factory
160 Oxmoor Rd. 35209
Birmingham, AL 35209

Seventh Star-(Facedown Rec.)
Bloodlined Calligraphy-(Facedown Rec.)
War of Ages-(Strikefirst Rec.)
Life in Your Way-(Indianola Rec.)
Remember Sammy Jankis(local Metalcore)
All In (local hardcore)

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Here are some sweet movies Me, and Fatty, got tonight at blockbuster.

1.Tomb of the Werewolf(very funny horror movie)
2. Ed Gein(good movie)
3.9 Lives (Paris Hilton is in this)
4.Freddy's Dead (The Final Nightmare)
5.S.I.C.K (Strange,Insane,Clown,Killer)

So this was the highlight of my day. Cause the rest of it sucked major balls.

nighty night

JULY 6th

July 6th at The Factory

Seventh Star
Bloodline Caligraphy
War of Ages
+ 2 more

Cost 7$ Time 7:00

Address:160 oxmoor rd. homewood al 35209

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Well everybody I just thought I would update.

I am doing my first in 7 Months on july 6th the line up is
Seventh Star
Bloodlined Calligraphy
War of Ages
+1 or 2 more

I think i am gonna try and do it at The new ice rink in homewood.

And i got the new red chord dear god it's so good and so is i love it

holla to all my niggas peace out

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Man i heart hillbillys witrh sweet tribal tattoo's,and that like shutting down shows forn no reason. but manly i love him so cause of his sweet tribal tattoo's with a rose in the middle of the tattoo.